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Webinar- Secrets to achieve excellence in NX data management

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Community Manager

NX data management creates a way to increase product revenue by 19%, while decreasing product cost by 15%, and reducing development costs by 16%

NXDataManagement1.jpgNX data management success

Do you run into some of the following business challenges:

  • Manage growing amount of CAD data more effectively
  • Speed product development
  • Facilitate reuse of design data
  • Improve control of access to data


Do you need a better system to manage NX data?

 Even if you have NX data management today for your engineering work group, it may not be keeping pace with your need to collaborate and share data internally across your company and externally with customers and suppliers.

PDM takes control of designs, documents, BOMs, and processes, primarily to drive engineering efficiency and productivity, but also to improve collaboration across the business with NX data management.

PLM not only manages all product-related data but also extends the benefits of PDM to support the whole business across the product lifecycle, with specialized applications for engineering, manufacturing, procurement, purchasing, suppliers, customers, sales, and service.


NX_datamanagement.pngTake the easy first step with PDM

Take the easy first step with PDM

In this 45-minute NX data management webinar, you will understand the PDM challenges that exist, what others are seeing in the industry, and how can you overcome these challenges with the help of NX data management:

  • Single CAD and Multiple CAD support
  • Dead end, with no room to grow
  • Investments in the products, resources and time
  • How will this be supported?
Siemens Enthusiast

Great post and very intriguing topics. Definitely a must view webinar!