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These case studies explore high-profile companies that have managed to sustain their product and tool cost.
Renowned manufacturers gain insides on their product cost optimization
The new version 8.2 provides enhanced capabilities which supports manufacturers to increase visibility of cost drivers in the early stages of product ...
Siemens leverages Product Costing as the technological core of the cost and value engineering ecosystem.
Teamcenter is used for all calculations in the target costing process by supporting the introduction of new products and then the re-engineering of ex...
Teamcenter Product Cost Management 8.1 includes optimized features to significantly increase speed of cost estimation, accuracy and consistency
Grammer achieves product cost reduction through accurate calculation of costs by using Siemens technology!
To help manufacturers on keeping the pace in innovation and responding to customer requests we enhanced many of the Teamcenter Product Cost Management...
Let’s talk about profit. Profit is the oxygen of any business. Profit is what allows a company to expand and stay viable.
Brose use Siemens technology to improve their strategy for supplier cost analysis. They realize cost savings up to 15%.