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Active Workspace 3.4

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 Usability in Active Workspace 3.4 is improved with tree-based navigation, drag-and-drop enhancements, keyboard shortcuts and a quick access panel. You can more easily accomplish tasks and understand your data faster and with fewer clicks due to improved “flattening” of the UI.



A new full-screen viewer utilizes more screen for you to view and markup rich content. This viewer now allows for selecting from a list of files to directly select on a single page the file to view rather than cycling through them.


You also have more options for your screen layout, with a draggable vertical sash and collapsible sections so you can show more, show less, drill into or suppress content. You can configure role- or task-based workspaces to include only relevant content such as stylesheet content, pages/tabs and pertinent properties in the columns of tables.


Search is also improved. With Active Workspace 3.4, you can filter and narrow search results with numerical value filters, so you can get results only in the desired range, such as width between
five and 25 mm. Your administrators can configure search pre-filters to save time by limiting results to only valid choices when searching to add to a table of data. Your administrators can also enable search and filters using form property values without complicated schema changes.


Active Workspace 3.4’s comprehensive support for a declarative UI framework simplifies how your IT team can deliver an adaptive PLM environment tailored to your unique business processes through the configuration of re-usable components, instead of writing custom software code. With this release, you
can more easily collaborate with other Teamcenter customers using the industry-preferred tool, GitHub™, to find and re-use extension examples. The release also provides a mature UI pattern library showcase that you can reference for new declarative UI elements added in Active Workspace 3.4.