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Lifecycle Visualization in Teamcenter 11.4 and Active Workspace 3.4

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 Teamcenter Visualization VR is a virtual reality (VR) add-on module for Teamcenter Visualization Professional or Teamcenter Visualization Mockup. The use of VR systems can be an effective tool for many parts of the organization by enabling the digital twin to be reviewed in a life-size, virtual environment with true 1:1 scale realism. You can perform typical digital mockup (DMU) operations such as sectioning, positioning, creating markups and sharing the information with other users.

Visualization in Active Workspace.png


This immersive evaluation the environment is especially useful for conducting design reviews or performing planning and serviceability evaluations. Operating in a VR environment can improve decision making by enabling you to better assess ergonomic factors such as sight lines, reachability, and clearances so that you can resolve conflicts earlier.