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Manage raw materials and stock

Siemens Theorist Siemens Theorist
Siemens Theorist

In the Aerospace and Defense industry many parts are made from stock materials such as bar stock, tubing stock, and sheet stock. You can manage stock materials in Teamcenter by:stock_materials.png

  • Creating a library of stock materials. The materials manager creates stock materials and adds them to the stock material library.
  • Making the stock material the preferred stock material of a program. The program administrator specifies the stock materials that are preferred to the program. By doing this, only approved stock materials can be used in the program.
  • Assigning the stock material to a part. The design engineer creates a part and associates the part with the stock material and specifies the dimensional properties of the stock material.

The Teamcenter administrator creates a classification hierarchy or stock material library using the Classification application. Read this blog article by Jim Dehmlow for advice on how to tailor the generic classification capability in Teamcenter.


If you want to view more information about managing raw materials and stock, check out this video.


Also, see Aerospace and Defense Solution within the Teamcenter Help Collection, for more information and videos.

Laura Readdy