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Pro/Engineer and Creo CAD Data Management

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How can we manage PTC CAD data (Pro/ENGINEER and Creo)?


CAD data management at Mercury MarinePro/ENGINEER and Creo users are benefiting from CAD data management to take control of CAD data and put designs in the right context to improve productivity. Watch this video to see how Mercury Marine is using Teamcenter for Pro/ENGINEER CAD data management to reduce engineering change time from 56 to 22 days. Read the full story here.


When product designs are locked down in your Pro/ENGINEER and Creo CAD systems, your teams are wasting time searching for the latest information or, worse yet, re-doing work that is already done. It’s difficult to see how your product evolves from planning to development, and your teams can’t anticipate, communicate and respond quickly to product changes. All this is taking a toll on your productivity and performance.


Like Mercury Marine, you can turn things around by getting started with CAD data management software. Find and share data faster. Respond quickly to change.


With Teamcenter, you can use CAD data management capabilities to take control of your Pro/ENGINEER and Creo CAD design data and processes. Find designs faster. Manage CAD data with internal and external partners. Put CAD data in the right context to improve productivity.


Read this article to learn how to get CAD data management up and running quickly and cost effectively.