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Requirements Management in Teamcenter 11.4 and Active Workspace 3.4

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Community Manager

 This release makes significant improvements in capturing, editing, organizing, and relating/linking requirements into the entire product lifecycle. Feature and usability improvements include:

• Improved document import with keyword/rule-based requirement recognition and ability to change subtypes before save.Requirement Management.png


• Simplified Excel import as well as Excel edit round-trip (export, edit, import)

• Requirement specification outline/tree navigation and cross-probing to outline and document location are aligned

• Microsoft Word editing of requirements content using desktop Word installation (with no additional installation/ add-ons)


Extended HTML/rich text editing including additional markup and math equations

• A new scalable tracelink creation dialog that supports many-to-one and one-to-many link creation (including subtype links) to easily link many different parts of the product lifecycle