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Simulation Process Management in Teamcenter 11.3

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SimulationProcessManagement.pngTeamcenter 11.3 delivers new capabilities for faster and easier computer-aided engineering (CAE) simulation setup, execution and process management. Options for "filter" and "skip" of selected rules enable the user to easily derive one or more CAE model structures from an existing CAE model structure.

To improve the overall usability of the CAE package, stylesheets can be used to guide selection of the item and revision properties and their formats in the output files. The tool launch framework has been enhanced to support the on-demand import of simulation results and a PLM XML-based input/output rule that specifies whether the exported or imported objects should be checked out or checked in during tool launch.

Active Workspace 3.3 provides a consolidated and simplified view of all related simulation objects, as well as the ability to add dependencies and identify the current status of the data. Users can now automatically create a new model structure with the source and target relations, attributes and datasets mapped from another set of corresponding product structure items. Using Active Workspace, users can interactively select the primary inputs for a simulation, or choose the files to be imported from a list of output files generated by the simulation tool. Simulation jobs are now categorized and presented to the user based on their execution status.

New Features Include:

  • Streamlined steup and execution of CAE packages
  • Detailed description of input parameters and simulation tool help pop-ups
  • Simplified view of all relation simulation objects and dependencies
  • Automatically create new model structures