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Simulation Process Management in Teamcenter 11.4 and Active Workspace 3.4

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 The new release includes significant improvements to Simulation Process Management in the areas of desktop analysis, tool integration, derivative structure creation, structure automation, dashboards, integration with the Simcenter™ portfolio, and the tool launch framework.


Using Active Workspace, you can quickly view and access large numbers of CAE files that are captured across multiple datasets in a CAE item revision. To facilitate tool integration, you can submit simulation jobs on multiple item revisions simultaneously and submit, run and monitor simulation jobs on the server or remote machines from any device.


Greater control over structure naming enables you to easily identify a derived structures deck, and when generating new derivatives from an existing structure you can copy and tie the pedigree from the existing structure to the new one.


Hi Guys,

     I would like to know is there any way to perform 2D comparison layer option in AWC 4.0.

Here with I have attached the screenshot of the actions performed which I performed in Teamcenter Rich client.

I need to perform similar actions in AWC.