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Substance Compliance

Siemens Valued Contributor Siemens Valued Contributor
Siemens Valued Contributor


How can Teamcenter help me manage environmental and social compliance?


sustainability-page_tcm1023-198797.jpgTeamcenter® software’s solution for substance compliance and material content information provides you with a flexible and easy-to-deploy toolset to meet your industry’s strict environmental compliance requirements. Teamcenter plays an impor­tant and growing role in helping companies develop “green” environmentally friendly products, helping you understand and control the material makeup of your prod­ucts, and complying with environmental regulations created to limit the use of hazardous substances in products. Teamcenter reduces the costs associated with collecting and managing the vast amount of environmental data required to establish and document the compliance of complex products down to the substance level.


To learn more, read this informative fact sheet.