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Can I use Teamcenter on the iPad?


Mobility.jpgSmart devices have changed how we do our work. We’re no longer weighed down by bulky computers … we can keep in touch with work whether we’re in the office, in meetings or traveling. We get that compulsive urge to check on things, and all it takes is a few moments to respond to an email and keep things moving.


With Teamcenter mobile apps on the iPad, you can now switch to PLM tasks just as easily as your other iPad apps. Teamcenter Mobility and Teamcenter AppShare are available for free from the Apple iTunes Store.


Teamcenter Mobility makes mobile PLM available for everybody. When decisions can’t wait for you to return to your desk, Teamcenter Mobility helps you make smarter decisions anywhere, anytime. You can stay on top of your projects, too. If you have a Teamcenter Reporting and Analytics license, you can access project dashboards to view critical metrics, key performance indicators (KPI) and reports associated with your projects so you're never caught off guard and you can respond to arising critical issues even when you’re on the go.


Teamcenter AppShare extends your ability to join online conferences to your iPhone and iPod Touch, as well as your iPad. Never miss another online conference when you travel or are away from your desk.

While the lines between personal and professional lives have blurred, with Teamcenter mobile apps, your work can keep up with the fast pace of your life on the go. Smart devices make an amazing difference in response time. Now your colleagues around the world don’t have to wait for traditional business hours to hear back from you … and often all they need is a few seconds of your time to get what they need to proceed with their work.  


Just remember to take a vacation once in a while … and power down!


For more information, visit the Teamcenter Mobility page

Former Community Manager for Teamcenter, no longer active.