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Teamcenter Visual Navigation and Reporting


Visual Navigation and Reporting.pngProduct lifecycle management (PLM) systems typically present product and process data in lists, tables and charts. Quickly navigating through these lists, tables and charts to find the information you need requires a good understanding of how data is structured within the system.


The Visual Navigation and Reporting capability in Teamcenter leverages the power of JT and Teamcenter Visualization to enable you to visually navigate your product data and find the information you need in context of your work, regardless of your level of understanding of the data structure. You can quickly create color-coded visual reports based on specific criteria (schedule, cost, weight, supplier, etc.) and directly overlay relevant information on the product data so you don’t lose sight of the big picture and you can make smarter decisions.


Visual Navigation and Reporting is available as an optional add-on module to Teamcenter Visualization.  For more details, read the fact sheet, or ask your Siemens PLM Software account representative about Visual Navigation and Reporting.

Former Community Manager for Teamcenter, no longer active.