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4-tier Richclient cannot connect, Schema problem


I have an error "the schema file is out of date please regenerate" on richclient when connecting.

I've used to run command:

install -regen_schema_file [user props]


But the problem still exists. Is there any other command to publish or update schema after regeneration?


Re: 4-tier Richclient cannot connect, Schema problem

You did not mention, but I believe the pool manager has been restarted after the regen?



Accepted by topic author sma
‎05-16-2017 03:05 AM

Re: 4-tier Richclient cannot connect, Schema problem

You have to restart Server Manager after running the command. The command updates the TC_DATA\pom_schema_<db_server>_<db_instance> file. You should only run this command after stopping the environment and kicking out the users (clearlocks -assert_all_dead). When you restart then the error should be gone.
FYI, if you have more than one TC_DATA directory then you'll have to copy the pom_schema_xxx_xx file to the other TC_DATA directories. Note: If you don't know what I'm talking about then don't try it. All the TC_DATA directories must be from the same environment. Useful when multiple enterprise servers (running server manager) are involved.

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