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A BOM containing many Nuts and Bolts

Hello everyone,

Basic question here, imagine we got an assembly that contains 150 bolts being all of them the same 'model'. I would like to store its structure in Teamcenter. Should I include a reference to the same part 150 times in the BOM? Should I better create a property named 'timesInBOM' with a value of 150 and add just a reference to the item? Is there a better way? 


Thanks in advance.



Re: A BOM containing many Nuts and Bolts


If you're not intending to represent these parts geometrically, then you don't need multiple occurrences in the BOM.  Generally each position in the model corresponds to one occurrence.  If no positionanl information is needed, add one aggregate occurrence with a quantity of 150 in Structure Manager, UG GEOMETRY set to NO. 

Re: A BOM containing many Nuts and Bolts

Thank you.