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AWC and Access Manager

We use AWC v3.1, TC 10.1.5


We have an issue where AWC users are received "Access is Denied" message when viewing the top node of a structure. 


According to Access Manager, its because the user does not have the required IP Clearance.


As a test, we changed the Nodes that appeared in Structure Manager as <<UNREADABLE>> , because they were Confidential, to be Internal.  This had the desired effect within the RAC and TC Web client.


However in AWC, the user was returned the same error.  Does AWC interpret the ACLs differently? Surely not. We can't have a different access model for a different application?


Has anyone else had this issue? 


I've posted a screen shot of the issue in RAC & AWC for any thoughts/discussions.



Re: AWC and Access Manager

2nd picture uploaded.