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Active Workspace 3.4 Customization


Trying to work through example Define a declarative sublocation in Chapter 5 of the Configuration guide.  Using  generateModule, everything works as documented, except I get a warning message at the end that I don't know how to address:


Enter type to generate: subLocation
Enter sub-location name (Required): SearchTable
Enter the location to add this sub-location to. (Required): DematicViewer
Enter the name of the native module to modify (detected modules (none - please input a new module name)) (Required): DematicViewModule
[08:33:18] [Warn] Module with the name DematicViewModule not found. Creating new module DematicViewModule
Enter module description: Custom Module for Searching and Viewing DematicParts
[08:34:29] [Info] Creating native module
[08:34:29] Successfully created native module DematicViewModule
[08:34:29] Updated tc-aw-solution kit with module DematicViewModule
[08:34:29] [Info] Adding a command to change view mode
[08:34:30] [Warn] Kit tc-aw-solution does not have a solution or workspace. You will need to manually add state SearchTable to your workspace


When I regenerate the WAR and deploy it, my page is not found.