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Active Workspace customization - incremental compilation

Hello Everyone,


I'm tring to develop a custom module for Active Workspace. The problem is that I have to rebuild the "war" file quite often, I use gwtcompile.cmd.  Every single rebuild takes several minutes, which is quite slow for development.


So I'm looking for a way to do incremental compilation. It was not desribed in Configuration/Customization guides. Is the process described anywhere? 





Accepted by topic author Bangybug
‎02-22-2017 08:45 AM

Re: Active Workspace customization - incremental compilation

Ok, I got it working.  Just for the record.


I downloaded latest Eclipse Neon2, installed GWT plugin in it.  Then created a fresh project in Eclipse with name ThinClient, checked "sample code" checkbox just to have a directory structure.


Then I removed all internals of that project and copied javac/tc-aw-framework folder content. Then I added all jars to the build path from folders repo/war and repo/gwt. 


Then I removed everything from the war folder and copied the contents of the out/war folder. 


After that, I was able to run the Active Workspace from Eclipse in Super dev mode. 


I can add all my custom modules to that Eclipse project, it seems I cannot use symlinks there. The Eclipse picks up all changes in my modules and quickly recompiles them if I reload the page.