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Add Folders to References on Item Revision

Is there a way to automatically create a set number of standard folders to Item Revision References when an Item is created.  Currently users are creating these standard folders every time under the references.




Re: Add Folders to References on Item Revision



Try to attach createObjects COTS extension rule as a post action to create operation of your Item Revision type in BMIDE. The object name will be auto generated by Teamcenter.

This works only if each standard folder that needs to be created is a different Folder type/subtype.


If all the standard folders are of same Folder object type, a custom extension rule as a post action is required




Re: Add Folders to References on Item Revision

thank you.  Our I.T. department just got our Test server up and running.

I am new to this, so I will try it out.

Also would this be the same if a user drags and drops a document from a local drive into TC and you want to auto-populate a field based on the Item it was dropped into.  We use WF and have mandatory documents that the WF's search for.  These documents have the same name.  But to differentiate them and using OOTB set up we are adding to the description field manually during the drag and drop process.

see attached.


Re: Add Folders to References on Item Revision

If I understood the problem well. When users drag and drop a document into TC under an Item Revision (lets say as Specifications), you need the Item ID of the Item to be displayed or populated on the document automatically.


This can be achieved in multiple ways

Workflow Approach (COTS): As you mentioned, you have a workflow initiated on the Item Revision, you can populate the item using EPM-set-property action handler with below arguments



Runetime Property: You can register a new runtime property (T4_ItemReference) on the Dataset object in BMIDE. Getter method of this property must read the Item ID property (from where referenced Item Revision) and display it on the Dataset object. Its a simple customization.


Extentension Rule: You can also register an extension rule and attach it as a post action to GRM_create operation of IMAN_specification relation. Implement this extension rule to copy the Item ID information on the dataset description.




Re: Add Folders to References on Item Revision


Create a pseudo folders in under ItemRevision.



-Mayur K Thange