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Add part to multiple strucures




Im serching mothod to add single part revision to multiple structures. How to simple do this ?


Global updates dosnt work as I expected, adding revision in every structure in Strucure Manager are missing with the point because there are a lot of struture to update.


In our company we dosnt have acces to Multi-Structure Editor in TC.

SE ST9 + TC 10.1.7

Re: Add part to multiple strucures


Hi Wollverine, I am experience SE and TC user. I can tell there is no such function. And to be honnest, it would be a quite complicated function. But I think it would be a great idea. Today in TC11+SE ST9 we have Mass Update. The works fine with replacing. I don't know yet if it works with adding. We don't have Multi structure editing, but as far as I understand this does also not support adding an item to multiple structures.