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Alternate part numbers in TCE-NX


I am working on to replace common part numbers into separate part numbers in assemblies. Some of true opposite mirrored parts are created in one file and are controlled with reference set. Now we are working on options and variants which needs separate part numbers in structure manager. Is it possible to add alternate part numbers to existing part numbers so that it can be replaced with alternate part numbers in structure manager?

Current part numbers: ABCD-1-2

Alternate part numbers: ABCD-1, ABCD-2



Re: Alternate part numbers in TCE-NX

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From what you've described looks like Teamcenter 'Global Alternates' or 'Substitues' might not be a good fit in all cases.


To associate separated parts to the original part I would do the following:

  1. In Teamcenter, I would Save-As the original part:ABCD-1-2 to create new parts: ABCD-1 and ABCD-2. 
  2. This way, Teamcenter will create 'IMAN Based on' relation between the new parts and the original parts
  3. After you replace ABCD-1-2 part in the structures with new parts (ABCD-1, ABCD-2), 'IMAN Based on' structure manager column would continue to display the original part.


Out of curiosity: 

In your case, do these parts (mirrored parts) represent fabrications, forgings, sheet metals or MTO components? 







Re: Alternate part numbers in TCE-NX


Thanks Harish,


All machined, sheet components are in mirrored part number which are crated way back. Replacing the part number is not straight forword since these part numbers reporting to many assemblies.

Instead we added separate part number non-cad items in assembly and made mirrored geometry part number item as reference. So that mirrored geometry part number will not show up SM.