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Assembly cloning: error with attached dwg files


There is an assembly file from an old project in Teamcenter that I would like to clone and use as a starting point for a new design I'm working on. To do this, I've tried using the assembly cloning tool in NX; however, I get a number of errors that look like this




followed by a warning that looks like this




In the log window that follows the failed execution, I get the following details



In the clone assemblies dialog box under "Non Masters/Associated Files," I've deselected "specification"; however, it is still attempting to export these files.


Any thoughts on why I'm having this issue and/or how to fix it? Thanks!







Re: Assembly cloning: error with attached dwg files

Siemens Esteemed Contributor Siemens Esteemed Contributor
Siemens Esteemed Contributor

Hi @watkinrt,


From what you've posted, NX is attempting to write a value to an attribute that is invalid: Invalid LOV value.  LOV is a List Of Values and in NX would be represented by a pull down menu for a specific attribute and the value that the clone operation is attempting to use is not valid.  Perhaps the value in the legacy part files does not appear in a newer LOV?


Having looked in to the "registered callback forbade the action" I found existing reported issues with unsupported "hierarchal" cascading LOV's, attributes with values that do not conform to a list of values in a single level LOV (likely your case) or the value of an attribute that did not conform to the definition of the attribute (string when expecting number, etc - also a possibility with your case).


It's odd that this was reported as a name rule failure.  Typically that gets flagged when the part number or part name do not conform to the name rules defined in Teamcenter (using BMIDE).


You say you deselected "Specification".  Did you do that before you added the parts to the command?  If you added the parts to the command and then deselected the option they are still being managed by the command.  Try setting your options before you add any parts and see if that helps.


I would suggested logging a call with GTAC if you need further assistance.


Regards, Ben

Re: Assembly cloning: error with attached dwg files


Thanks for the input. I contacted GTAC and they helped me work through the problem. We weren't able to come up with an elegant solution, but found that I can export the assembly from Teamcenter and then import it back in.