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Automatically generate usage Address

Hey There,


I want to make a logical part assignment depending on values on other fields I created in BMIDE. As far as I know Teamcenter uses the "usage address" from a part to perform the assignment. Is there a way to automatically generate the usage address depending on what is written in other fields?


Perhaps there is a much easier way e.g. to resolve by another field instead of using the usage adress.





Re: Automatically generate usage Address

Though I have never tried, I can suggest creating a runtime property with Property Operations (in BMIDE).

Re: Automatically generate usage Address

Hey Thanks for your answer,

thats what I tried, but I cant access my Variable in BMIDE. If I go to the c/cpp view I cant find the propeties.

  1. I think I should use properties like paamaters. For testing purposes I did as follow:
  2. I created a Propertie called pm2_testvar;
  3. I created a lib
  4. I created a operation called "Set_to_one"; My aim is it to set pm2_testvar to 1;
  5. I generated the c-code and swithed to the C/CPP view
  6. I look up the declaration of my operation becaus I want to set the varaible pm2_testvar set to 1: like
  7. pm2_testvar=1;
  8. But thjere is a error thet tis property could not be resolved. And dont know where this property is stored in the BMIDE. How can I access it?

Re: Automatically generate usage Address

Sorry! As I said, I have never tried this. But adding property or object (to which property is attached) as operation parameters seems to be next logical step that can be tried. All the best!