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BMIDE Condition



I am new to Teamcenter customization and need some help around. I want to add a condition in BMIDE to prevent users with user_id="infodba" from submitting a workspace object to a workflow process. So far I have created a new condition in BMIDE as follows

- Input parameters: Business Object and User Session

- Signature: RestrictSubmitToWF(EPMTask o, UserSession u)

- Expression: u.user_id = "infodba"

Can anybody advise me whether the above condition is correct and how to do to add it to a post-action extention on createPost operation of workspace object.



Re: BMIDE Condition

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Solution Partner Phenom

I am not sure I understood your post completely (post action, user id = infodba etc).


If the user id 'infodba' (you've mentioned) is an installation account, then teamcenter prevents submitting a workspace object to a workflow.


With user id ="infodba", you would like us to assume 'some non-infodba' user id, then  I would say workflow template filter will do the job if you get your BMIDE condition right.

Try this BMIDE signature ( I am guessing your need here)

Signature: <your prefix>_RestrictSubmitToWF(WorkspaceObject o, UserSession u)

Expression: u.user_id!="infodba" and (u.fnd0ConditionHelper.fnd0isSubTypeOf(o,"WorkspaceObject"))