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BMIDE not deploying: (Volume Synchronization?) FSC proxy error "-9101 VOLUME:FILE_NOT_FOUND_4"



I am being unable to deploy anything from BMIDE since I did a database restore (in fact I did restore it because I managed to take Teamcenter down by closing its service in the middle of a deployment...bad idea). I am getting a: "FSC proxy error "-9101 VOLUME:FILE_NOT_FOUND_4" . Any ideas about how to fix this situation? I did try by adding dummy files under that name, but the message for new filenames keeps on showing forever.




I found a post suggesting that the Database and the volume could be out of sync, how should I sync them back to normal? 


Note: All TC clients are working normally (2RcT,4RcT,Web) , but BMIDE is not deploying anything at all.

Thank you!


Re: BMIDE not deploying: (Volume Synchronization?) FSC proxy error "-9101 VOLUME:FILE_NOT_FOUND

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Snapshots of DB and volumes must be taken at the same time to ensure consistency. When restoring the DB you have to restore the volumes at the same time. If you have a known/good backup them I'd restore both DB/Volumes again. If you do not have a known/good backup then you can create "placeholder" files for missing files in the volumes that say something like "This file is missing." which fixes the error but not the content. You can use review_volumes to create a report of missing files then use that output to create the "placeholder" files (you'll need several based on file extension).

BMIDE is a different story and we'll need to see the deployment logs to resolve which files are missing that it needs for the deployment (usually stored in the dbaXXXXXXX sub-folder).

Randy Ellsworth, Teamcenter Architect, Applied CAx, LLC
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Re: BMIDE not deploying: (Volume Synchronization?) FSC proxy error "-9101 VOLUME:FILE_NOT_FOUND

I managed to fix it by opening the Windows and taking the server down to earth level, once done, I put my feet onto the cage and made sure this will not happen to me again. Oh men, I love Mondays!


if only I had done backups properly... thanks Randy.

Re: BMIDE not deploying: (Volume Synchronization?) FSC proxy error "-9101 VOLUME:FILE_NOT_FOUND


Its always better to take proper backups in these situations as @RandyEllsworth suggested.


Usually in these errors occur if Teamcenter is not able to located the named references for any of theBMIDE Resource Datasets. If you are able to login to Teamcenter, you can search for BMIDE resource datasets and verify if any of these datasets has a dataset with no named reference or a named reference with size as blank.

You can try restoring the named references using different techniques based on dataset.


I would really not recommend this approach unless you know what you are doing Smiley Happy