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Good day!


Does anyone use structure checking in Teamcenter? Validation Agent is named BOMGrading. 




Re: BOMGrading

Yes. I have used it.

BOMGrading  (structure validation) IMHO helps develop (through BMIDE conditions) basic structure validation (quantity, sequence number, level, global relations for BOM components etc)....validating multiple structures, structure hopping is tricky.


Do you have a specific use case in mind?






Re: BOMGrading

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Hello @HarishVenkat!


Thank you for your reply!


I want to understand how to create needed condition in BMIDE. I need to create validation for existence status "Annulled" in structure.


Does your users use BOMGrading validation?

Re: BOMGrading



In our case:

Engineers (not the experienced ones) working on BOMs find BOM Grading validation as a handy tool for quick simple validations before going ahead with approval processes. The complex validation rules (implemented through Teamcenter customization) on BOMs are automatically applied by Teamcenter at various entry points (workflows, extensions etc).



Re: BOMGrading

@HarishVenkatyea, I understand it. I have the task of creating a series of inspections of BOMGrading Validations. I am not so good with creating needed conditions in data model. I need some simple example of  this one.

Re: BOMGrading


I have tried BOMgrading and it works fine. But I want to use the validation in a workflow which I couldn't find any support for. The workflow support is mainly for NX.


In addition I want to be able to validate a set of items, not neccessarily a structure. For example a list of items in a folder etc. Do you know if there is anything I can use of.


My customer is in need of validating list of items. And then use that validation in workflow to speed up approval process etc.


Do have any tip or sujestions in this case.


Thanks in advance


Re: BOMGrading

Which validation do you want to use in workflow? BOMGrading results or CheckMate results?


Do you have an example of creating condition for BOMGrading? Smiley Happy

Re: BOMGrading

I would like to use the BOMGrading result in workflow.

I made a very simple condition that checks if a property is grater than say 10.