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Baseline Creation

I am investigating baselining of a structure to see if this is something our company wants to utilize.  I am following the simple instructions of the online documents, but have run into a wall.

The OK or Apply buttons do not highlight. My assumption is that I have to choose a Baseline Template first.  Which means I have to create one.  I cannot find anythin in the online doucments on this other than:
Choose a baseline release procedure template from the list of available procedures. Your administrator defines the available procedures with the Baseline_release_procedures preference.

So my question is what do I have to create? This just needs to be simple for this go around.  






Re: Baseline Creation

You have to create a workflow to be used by the baseline process. 

After that the workflow name has to be added to the preference "Baseline_release_procedures"


Maybe this helps you forward Smiley Happy

Re: Baseline Creation

Our customization was not intended to use baselines but we have a default shown in the pulldown menu shown attached. In our customers' TC, I have never needed a process started to baseline. Thats the beauty of baselines.