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Bom Comparison report, Extract in excel


Hi, I know how to use the structure manager's tool to compare two bom. What I'm wandering is if there is a way to extract in in exacel?


I not do you think it is possible to develot some sort of tool that can query the bom comparison informations?


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Re: Bom Comparison report, Extract in excel

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Good Afternoon DavideEreno, maybe this is help you - try to copy selected report data and paste it into Excel:


(Note: before copy selected data, select all data using Ctrl+A)


Copy report.png

Re: Bom Comparison report, Extract in excel


 Also, by right-clicking on the Item Id column  (not the row) of the report the menu  also offers the print option. Once selected, it allows you to create an HTML report containing a table. The resulting html file can be opened from Excel directly.