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Bulk loading non-modelled parts

Solution Partner Genius Solution Partner Genius
Solution Partner Genius

Can anyone tell me if there is a way to bulk load non-modelled parts into TC?


We are about to use Add to Teamcenter to load a full assembly into TC. We also have a spreadsheet that has the same structured but includes non-modelled parts. Is there an easy way to get the latter uploaded at the same time or separately in bulk?


Re: Bulk loading non-modelled parts

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Solution Partner Phenom
You can use the "import_file" Teamcenter command line utility to bulk import non-CAD files. This will create Datasets and import the file into the Dataset named references. If you need to create Items to hold the Datasets then use the "ps_upload" utility first.

The general procedure for importing non-CAD files in batch mode is as follows:

Step 1: If items do not exist to store the files run the ps_upload utility from a Teamcenter shell to create the items where the new datasets will be stored.

ps_upload -u=userid -p=password -g=group -t=Document -i=ps_upload.txt

Where ps_upload.txt is a file containing the items you want to create containing the Item ID & name of the item. Sample contents below.

# item name
1234567, Bolt
1234568, Washer

Step 2: Exectute import_file to import the file to the appropriate dataset type and attach it to the desired item revision.

import_file -user=user-id -p=password -g=group -i=my_files.dat

Where my_files.dat is a file that contains information about the files you need to import.

-f=1234567_A.pdf -d=1234567_A -type=PDF -ref=PDF_Reference -item=1234567 -rev=A
-f=1234568_A.pdf -d=1234568_A -type=PDF -ref=PDF_Reference -item=1234568 -rev=A

There are additional arguments for each utility in the on-line documentation that may be useful.

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