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Cannot delete a Workflow

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Solution Partner Valued Contributor

I am trying to delete a Workflow from an ItemRevision, it gave me an error: The instance is being referenced. I checked the Impact Analysis and its not showing any reference. 


I tried using two utilities and its not helping: verify_tasks and clear_process_stage_list



>>>> Error code 515110 successfully handled and acknowledged

NOTE - 2017/3/17-10:34:20.115 UTC - HDEFMA25.34218.01.infodba.00126 - Object perform-signoffs (EPMPerformSignoffTaskImpl) [0000a283/TJfVtzXR1EOyTC] - Teamcenter.CoreModelGeneral.tccore at D:\workdir\tc10122x_win64\src\core\tccore\POM_objectImpl.cxx(2167)

NOTE - 2017/3/17-10:34:20.115 UTC - HDEFMA25.34218.01.infodba.00126 - in processing error text "Die Instanz wird referenziert." we never substituted argument 1 : perform-signoffs - Teamcenter at D:\workdir\tc10122x_win64\src\foundation\base_utils\ErrorStoreBase.cxx(235)


Re: Cannot delete a Workflow

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The way I understood is from impact analysis you are unable to locate the workflow ?!

If my understanding is right, then try if this helps to locate the workflow job (to remove item revision from the workflow viewer --> attachments):

  1. Locate the workflow: Do a general search with type set to 'job' and locate the job name (probably matches your item id?)
  2. Do a 'POM where referenced' from impact analysis to locate the instance references
  3. See if Teamcenter syslog reports any UID that might help in locating the references through 'print object' view


Is your workflow template configured to create envelopes or any additional references?


Do let me know if I misunderstood your question?





Re: Cannot delete a Workflow

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

You never delete a workflow, you always abort it.