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Cannot delete an Item Revision

I have an Item, and it has 6 Item Revisions. I would like to delete the Revision but cannot.

It's saying that it is being referenced in 4 Items. However the other 4 Items are using the Revision number 5.

I checked NX and saw that in the assemblies the revision 5 is the one being used.


How is it possible to delete the revision 6?


Thanks in advance,



Re: Cannot delete an Item Revision

Did you check the Where referenced/ Where used for the 6th Item revision. Since Teamcenter is throwing an error for referenced items, you might want to check the impact analysis tab, if it is used in any of the NX assemblies. Or the Item revision is kept open in NX for modification.

Swapnil Gawas
Testing, Teamcenter 11.2.x | Active Workspace 3.x

Re: Cannot delete an Item Revision



Assuming that your Item is used in an assembly only:

Try to remove the Item from the assembly and then try to delete the 6th item revision. 


If the item revision has additional references to folders, other objects (specification relation etc), then you may want to cut the reference from 'those' objects before attempting to delete the revision (6th) of the item.


If it is okay/allowed for you to share, then an image of impact analysis view of 6th item revision will greatly help in converging our suggestion.



Re: Cannot delete an Item Revision

You can try perform Where Referenced ( POM ) on the 6th rev through Impact Analysis view to find any references to POM objects like classfications (icm0-)

Re: Cannot delete an Item Revision

Any insight as to what each POM object is?  when i do it, all i see are binder clip icons, but no indication of what exactly the item is.

NX 11 | Teamcenter 11 | Windows 8.1

Re: Cannot delete an Item Revision


'RMB - view properties' on binder clip icon should bring up the context menu with details describing what the binder clip icon is



Accepted by topic author SLR
‎06-02-2017 09:02 AM

Re: Cannot delete an Item Revision

After changing the loading rules and replacing the part, The revision was able to be deleted. After the deletion i replaced the loading rule back.