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Catia Environment not found


Wondering if anyone else has seen this error pop up.  One of our users is trying to open a file and he has been getting this.


Re: Catia Environment not found

Siemens Genius Siemens Genius
Siemens Genius

This happens when the user tries to delete the Staging Directory (That TCIC Uses) when Catia is still open.

Close Catia V5 & Teamcenter and then delete this folder again which should regenerate again upon Integration.

Re: Catia Environment not found


Does this issue resolved?

TcIC on load initiated from Teamcenter and when CATIA is not launch read catia_env file to launch CATIA enviornment to load Data. So in this case either

CATIA enviorment defined in catia_env file do not exist or corrupt on your machine. so cannot launch that enviornment and giving error

or CATIA already launched is not compatible enviornment for that particular Data