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Checklist Implementation in 11.2.2

All, My client has asked for a workflow process step that implements a Checklist. Basically, a list that shows the user all of the 'offline' steps that must be accomplished before proceeding. In the perfect world, the user would be required to check off each task. Any ideas? I have seen this feature in Tc 9.1, but it seems to have been deprecated, even though the Workflow Designer Documentation still mentions the DoCheckList Task. Thanks in Advance...

Re: Checklist Implementation in 11.2.2

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The checklist task is deprecated. This approach might work for you:


[1] In BMIDE, create a custom form to act as checklist (as mentioned in your post)

[2] In the workflow template, use epm-create-form handler to create an instance of the custom form and attach it to your root task as reference or target

[3] use epm-display-form handler to show the form instance to user.

[4] You may want to (if required) validate the completeness of user responses in the checklist.