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Configuration crafting from scratch


Our company has TeamCenter 11 installed, we are interested in providing its functionality to the users through Active Workspace. 


Q1: So far I have tried "Rapid Start" configuration, but I couldn't do a number of things. For example, the Teamcenter Rich Client didn't show me the "File / New / Other" menu. Why was that so?


Q2: Then I switched from Rapid start to the full (choosed TEM / "Move to Teamcenter") installation and got more options of all sorts. But then I didn't have an Inbox tile in the Active workspace. Why was that so?  Is Inbox only available in "Rapid start" or can it be just enabled?  If so, what tool should I use? 


I understand the TC PLM is a data driven system and that I have to craft the required configuration myself or use existing configurations if they fit my project.