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Deleting an item

How can I delete an item?


when i use ITEM_delete_item it says that the item is referenced


Re: Deleting an item

If item is referenced or used in any structure (assembly), you will not be able to delete it until you remove the references where it is used. Not sure about it with DBA role.


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Re: Deleting an item

I deleted the item revision and When I try to delete the item itself I get the error message saying"The instance is referenced"

Re: Deleting an item

Did you check if Impact analysis shows any references of item ?

Re: Deleting an item

I assume you've used POM_referencers_of_instance ITK function before ITEM_delete_item. what are the referenced classes listed by POM_referencers_of_instance?




Re: Deleting an item

you can check referenced item in My Teamcenter as Analysis tab by double clicking on the item and find out in which assembly it is used, once you removed the reference from that structure or assembly, then you can delete an item from TC.


Deleting an item

Yeah, How do I find out the instances and delete it?

Re: Deleting an item

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Select the item revision and check "where referenced" in Impact Analysis tab for all level,

and then you delete those references, after that you can delete that Item easily.


Hope this will help you,

Re: Deleting an item

I want to do the same thing using ITK functions

Re: Deleting an item

Be careful how you word your solution/suggestion...


".....then you delete those references....."


You don't want to delete those references, you would need to delete how the item is referenced (as appropriate):

  1. If reference is to the folder, then you would want to remove item from the folder,
  2. If reference is to another object (in some specification/reference or some other relation), then you would want to cut the reference from the other object,
  3. If reference is to the BOM, then you would want to remove the item from the BOM.
  4. Etc...

Programatically you would use WSOM_where_referenced function and then loop through those references and "clean" those references as appropriate.


Thanks and Regards

Yogesh Fegade