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Dispatcher -nxtocgm

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Hi Experts ,

we urgently need your help!!,

we are trying to get CGM and / or PDF files through dispatcher (from NX Datasets –Ugmaster and Ugpart).


Customer´s requirement is to have a CGM file updated from NX Datasets that contain 2d(drawing),I mean, they want to have a CGM file each time they save drawing (in TC working status and released status too).

Currently they have a task that send the required translations of NX Dataset modified every 30 minutes through a batch scheduled task.


On the other hand ,once the drawing has been approved ,they want a PDF file also.

The idea is that translation to dispatcher has done through a handler in Workflow for Approved Status TC.


Both translations could be done from “nxtocgmdirect” translation service in dispatcher with modifications in command line of this utility:




"%UGII_BASE_DIR%\Ugmanager\export_ugdwgimages.exe"  -all -text=text %*




"%UGII_BASE_DIR%\Ugmanager\export_ugdwgimages.exe" -all -text=text –pdf –nocgm  %*



Do You know any way to fulfill customer ´s requirement with the standard product (I mean without customized programm?


Is It possible to add in execution task time of translation “nxtocgmdirect” the parameters “-pdf –nocgm?


Is It possible to copy the translation service “nxtocgmdirect” to (for instance) “nxtocgmdirectpdf”?


---An alternative could be to generate the PDF file from the CGM file with a customized translation service “cgmtopdf” . Do You have any similar experience or any documented example about it?


Thanks in advanced for your help …Any idea about it will be appreciated