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EBoM View & Plant BoM View


I need to create a Plant View BoM in Teamcenter for an assembly from the EBoM (Default View).

In the sense the strcuture of the eBoM should be directly be copied to the Plant View BoM. I have Tc Multi Strcture Manager with me. Is it possible to achieve the same through configuration or should I customise the same. Any pointers towards the same would be thankful.


Re: EBoM View & Plant BoM View

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Siemens Experimenter

The ability to generate multipl BOM views within the same structure pre-dates many of our MSM and Manufacturing planning capabilities.  Doing so is a challenge for handling change - if I have a change to either the engineering or manufacturing BOM view I need to revise the assembly item.  So for a change specific to Mfg there is noise generated for engineering to react to that change.


It sounds like your needs can be best met with MSE/MPP for the classic E-BOM to M-BOM assignment.   You shouldn't need to customize or define multiple BOM Views for the same structure.


So conceptually you will have a new top level structure for the M-BOM.  You will then assign content from E-BOM to the M-BOM.  You have some flexibility to have the organization of those occurrences structured in a way that more streamlines Mfg planning if you wish.  There may also be additional occurrences added only to the Mfg structure.


The decision to do CAD-Part seperation is another topic, but this illustrates the concept of using MSM to relate content between EBOM and MBOM.


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