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Easiest way of Cloning Teamcenter instance?


Hi All,


I am looking for some documentation on easiest way of cloning a Teamcenter TC 11.3 instance.


I want to set up my local dev environment(with local DB,TC data)  from already existing (validation environment).

Thus I dont need existing data; my preference is to have a cloned environment with all custom solution ( BMIDE templates, preferences, workflows etc ) in order to save time and deploy each one by one.


I'll aAppreciate any help/guidance


Re: Easiest way of Cloning Teamcenter instance?

Gears Phenom Gears Phenom
Gears Phenom

There are several ways to do this and everyone has a different method. I like to use bulk extract and bulk import and the Admin Data Tools to move all my admin data between systems. But I've done it all manually as well and it just all depends on the situation on what works best for me.


Here are some references to start reading that are from the 11.3 docs.


Create Test environment from TEM:


Manually create Test environment:


The Data Exchange guild on bulk extract/bulk import on copying product data:


Admin Data tools:



Jamie Griffis

Jamie Griffis | Teamcenter Architect | Applied CAx, LLC