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Electronic Work Instructions in Active Workspace

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I have Teamcenter 10.1.6 installed with Active Workspace and Electronic Work Instructions features ready to go.


In Manufacturing Process Planner, I am having trouble creating a correct Plant BOP with attached textual work instructions for display in Active Workspace.


Does anyone know of a guide, demonstrating with the simplest of product structures (BOMs/BOPs), how one can achieve a working display of work instructions through the collaboration context in Active Workspace?


I have created an EBOM and an MBOM, and a rudimentary Plant Structure, then used these to create the relevant Product BOP and finally Plant BOP. But there must be something I am doing wrong along the way (structure linking? etc.).


I am new to this and would like some guidance to where I can learn more step-by-step on the subject but it seems difficult to find. I have access to all Siemens Documentation and Learning Advantage/Saba Cloud, but have found no relevant step-by-step examples with very simple structures (from a user learning perspective).


Does anyone know how I should proceed?


Thank you.


Re: Electronic Work Instructions in Active Workspace


I had the work Instructions displayed previously and suddenly I see that textual work instructions are not rendered into EWI acreen and says "No Work instructuctions to display" though I am able to view the work instruction from Textual Work instruction screen"