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Error on save after revise.

[ Edited ]

Hello again.


I've revised some items and after that I'm opening them in NX to work on them.


One of this items don't let me save it showing below message:



Checking in TCe named references I noticed that it probably made something wrong when I revised it.


As you can see in below image it is calling the 00 revision ugpart-atributes file in 01 revision.



Something I can do to correct it or I need to delete this revision and create it again?




Re: Error on save after revise.

It looks like it still refers the dataset from old revision. Because when you revise, by default the Deep Copy Rule on datasets is 'Copy As Reference'. I don't know if this can now be corrected (as per my knowledge, deleting the revision is the only option); but while revising next time you could use Deep Copy rule 'Copy As Object'. OR: depending upon the processes/requirements in your environment, change the Deep Copy Rule to 'Copy As Object' for these type of datasets using BMIDE.

Re: Error on save after revise.

Thanks for reply, splm2005.


The "BMIDE" and "Deep copy rule" options sounds like more advanced knowledge and permissions that I have now.


I'll keep the deleting and re-create option for now.