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Error while making a new revision

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

It only happens with this item, not with any other and happens both in NX manager and in Teamcenter.


The error window says:

The business object "...." could not be revised. 

Please refer to Teamcenter server syslog file for more information.

Relating an object of type "item" to an object of type "Item Revision" is not allowed, because any relation is not supported between these two objects.


There is a small window that says:

The specified tag 0000e479 has been deleted, can not find requested object.


Does any one why I receive this error and how can I solve it? Thanks



Re: Error while making a new revision

Solution Partner Phenom Solution Partner Phenom
Solution Partner Phenom



Can you give us more details about the Item, ItemRev to CAD details, multi-site or not etc to understand what is going on.


As an initial check, you could verify:

- Teamcenter Syslog

- Deep copy rules, state of datasets/files  that needs to be carried forward on revise

- Any object ACL, System ACL on the Item and ItemRev that is preventing revise

- Any extensions/post-actions on the ItemRev which is creating a condition specific to this Item instance