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Export Teamcenter Visualization files from Teamcenter

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Valued Contributor

Hi Everyone, 


There is a button in teamcenter that says "Open in Lifecycle Visualization". When used the current context in the BOM window is opened in the JT viz tool. From there a user can Save As and has a local copy of the entire model that was exported (assembly and part JTs).

2019-02-13 11_20_45-Clipboard.png


Does anyone know of a way to do this behind the scenes through a utility, for eg using a command line to export a given CC object to a specified target folder location. 


Gary D


Re: Export Teamcenter Visualization files from Teamcenter

Siemens Legend Siemens Legend
Siemens Legend

Sounds like a job for either:


  • plmxml_export (try with the "ConfiguredDataExportFilesDefault transfermode and then adapt to your needs)
  • briefcase export (tcxml based)
  • ... plus a couple of others


But depending on your use case a simpler or more complicated method might be required.


In practice it usually isn't over with exporting, users do things with their data, and want to feed back changes, do delta exports/imports etc...


Re: Export Teamcenter Visualization files from Teamcenter

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Siemens Genius

There are several different types of PLMXML files. Doing a PLM XML export using the ConfiguredDataExportFilesDefault will generate a TC PLMXML file, not a TC Vis PLMXML file. The two are not compatible - meaning you won't be able to open the TC PLMXML file into TC Vis.


There are several utilities for exporting JT assemblies out of Teamcenter. Bomwriter.exe is the main one that is used. It will generate an assembly in a variety of formats, typically TC Vis PLMXML. Only the assembly gets exported though. The PLMXML file will have pointers to the JT datasets in Teamcenter. To get the entire assembly out, you would need to use another utility called load_fcccache.exe. This will update the PLMXML file to point to JTs in your FCC cache. You can optionally copy the JT part files out to a local staging area. You can then use a 3rd utility called plmxmltojt.exe (part of the TC Vis install) to get a standalone native JT assembly. Here is an example of the syntax of each:


C:\splm\tc101\bin>bomwriter.exe -u=don -p=don -g=dba -item=racer -rev=A -format=plmxml -output_file=c:\temp\assy_jt_creator\racer_temp.plmxml


C:\splm\tc101\bin>load_fcccache.exe -f=load -plmxml=C:\TEMP\assy_jt_creator\racer_temp.plmxml -output_plmxml=c:\temp\assy_jt_creator\racer.plmxml -copy_out=c:\temp\assy_jt_creator\racer


C:\splm\tcvis\Program>plmxmltojt.exe C:\TEMP\assy_jt_creator\racer.plmxml -monolithic_jt


In your case, you want to export out a CC object. I don't have experience with this, but there seems to be a utility that can do this called cc_writer.exe. Here is a link to the Help docs:


I think you would need to use the 2nd and 3rd utilities mentioned above to get a complete native JT assembly.

Re: Export Teamcenter Visualization files from Teamcenter

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Thanks Mark, that might actually work well, I am familiar with BOMwriter - the only reason i wanted to use a CC object was to apply an existing configuration, but I can do that with BOMwriter as well for variant and revision rule.