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Generic parts management


Hi everyone,


first of all I want to say hello!...I'm new to the community and new with TeamCenter as well...I did a search on the forum but I'm not able to find a solution to my issue(in subject). I would like to know if there is a way to create a generic part in Teamcenter and then manage variables to the parts w/out creating new parts. I'll try to be more precise with an example. 

Let's imagine that I use to by electrical cables...what I would like to do is creating a part..let's call it "cable" and assign a generic lenght "L"....everytime a need to place an order for a certain amount of cable I would like to place an order just varying the attribute "L" w/out creating new parts. Is this something possible to achieve w/out creating new parts...a part of "stock" feature is there any other way to manage orders by mean of attributes w/out creating new parts?


Thanks in advance to everyone who will spend few minutes on this.

Kind regards




Re: Generic parts management

Hello DonCiccio, welcome to the amazing world of Teamcenter.


Yours is a very risky question, as there are many ways to solve it, the nicer the better.


Generic parts can be created , another term for 'generic part' is 'item'. Items are easily created from File/new.. Item. There are definitely different approaches to the scenario you are presenting. I will try to keep it simple and dirty, it is a lot of more fun when talking about dirty things (or items, or parts). I am open to critics and other solutions from other members of the forum.


As far as I know, in the past, there was a tendency to create 'forms' and put them into the part, for your example, a form containing the information about each order (date of the order, length ordered, and so on) could be a simple solution that would allow you to breathe for a while, but not for too long.


Another approach: create the orders in Word documents and place them into the part. I would not even talk about it.  


Teamcenter is a very powerful system, those would be very simple, but not great, solutions. Here is where a wide beautiful world opens just in front of you:


Your item can be customized: A custom "Do_Cable Item" may be defined (the _ is a long story which I will not be talking about here), containing the properties and measures that specify what a Do_Cable is, specially its Length given in the measure you decide. Once created, design documents, simulation data and all industrial data related to your cable can be associated to it. 


From that point of view, it would be possible to create and Do_CableOrder containing the number of units of Do_Cables closing the door to possible errors, as the length per unit  was defined for Do_Cable previously.


I highly recommend you or your team to customize your Teamcenter and its datamodel to suit your needs. 



 And I mean it!

Re: Generic parts management

Thanks a lot for your clear explanation Ramon...I will try the Do_cable option. No worries, I will delete all the messages here :)

Re: Generic parts management

You are very welcome :)