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Groups and Roles in Organizations

How to extract different roles under different groups in an organization using ITK?


Re: Groups and Roles in Organizations

Dear Bhanu,


I hope you are looking for this ITK function.

SA_API int SA_ask_roles_from_group  ( tag_t  group_tag, 
  int *  num_of_roles, 
  tag_t **  role_tags 

Allocates an array of tags and stores in the array all roles of the specified group. role_tags points to the array of tags. num_of_roles stores the size of the array. The client is responsible for deallocating the array of role_tags. Use MEM_free to free the memory pointed to by role_tags.
group_tag (I) 
num_of_roles (O) 
role_tags (OF) num_of_roles 




Re: Groups and Roles in Organizations

Thank you