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Has anyone implemented ClearanceDB?


I am looking for a successful implementation of ClearanceDB to benchmark.

Let me if you are agreeable to beginning a dialog on ClearanceDB.


John Borth

Teamcenter Visualization

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles


Re: Has anyone implemented ClearanceDB?

PLM World Member Experimenter PLM World Member Experimenter
PLM World Member Experimenter

I'm in the process of implementing clearanceDB. For small assemblies, results are proper. But in case of large assemblies, results are as below. In the product folder, results written in ClearanceDBAnalysisDBResult.txt are more in count as compare to the results stored in CLDB database.


In vehicle assembly, two systems are analysed for clearance. Variant name is declared in Clearance.cfgglobal. Number of results are 13 in ClearanceDBAnalysisDBResult.txt. Whereas only 5 are stored in CLDB database.


If varient is not defined for same assembly and same systems, Number of results are 15 in ClearanceDBAnalysisDBResult.txt. Whereas only 8 are stored in CLDB database. Five new stored results are showing clearance of 0mm. But when checked in TcVis, clearance is around 1500mm.


Please guide.