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Having problem with saving data

Hi teamcenter experts,

I have a problem with saving Catia data via tcic9.0.8.0
The error message shows "cannot create item"

Actually this happens only when I select customized item type calls icatproduct.
I could save file with the default item type like "item"
And also, I could make an item with this itemtype via teamcenter.

Does anyone know why this happens?



Re: Having problem with saving data

Hi Eric,


Please check CATPART_item_type & CATPRODUCT_item_type Preferences in Teamcenter. This should include your Custom item type (Real Name) inorder to use this via Integration.




Re: Having problem with saving data

Does your customized item type calls icatproduct having any attribute which is not mandatory but also defined with Null not allowed? or does it have any custom Array Attribute type defined as Mandatory?