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How to Edit Item Master?

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 How can I edit the Item Master to add more attributes. For Example i have by me:







Vorherige ID:


How can I add more stuff here? Its in German by me... But go on and write it in english, its OK.

Thx in advance




Re: How to Edit Item Master?

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Got this from the online help:



Forms in the Teamcenter rich client use properties to hold additional information about items. You can add additional properties to custom forms that you create.

  1. Open the Business Objects folder.

  2. Browse to a custom form. All custom forms are children of the Form business object. To search for the business object, you can click the Find button at the top of the view.

  3. Right-click the custom form business object, choose Open, and click the Properties tab in the resulting view.

    The properties of the form appear in a table.

  4. Click the Add button to the right of the Properties table to add properties.

  5. After you add a new property, select the property and ensure that its Enabled and Visible property constants are set to true. This ensures that the property is enabled for use in the user interface.

  6. To save the changes to the data model, choose BMIDESave Data Model, or click the Save Data Model button on the main toolbar.

  7. Deploy your changes to a test server. Choose BMIDEDeploy Template on the menu bar, or select the project and click the Deploy Template button on the main toolbar.

  8. After deployment, test to ensure the property is visible on the form. For example, in the Teamcenter rich client, create an instance of the form by choosing FileNewForm. Open the form instance and verify that the new property is visible on the form.

Re: How to Edit Item Master?

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Solution Partner Phenom

A small warning. It's not a good idea to modify the ootb object. A best practice is to create your own Item type and add properties to its Item Master. This may not be an option for you if you've been using the ootb Item type for a while but thought you should be aware.

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Re: How to Edit Item Master?

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Valued Contributor

What Randy said x 1000.  Inheritence is your friend.

Re: How to Edit Item Master?

Hello SLW,

As nicely told in the other posts, this is done by using the BMIDE . From there I would create a new Business Object, call it BenutzerItem (for example) and add all the properties you need to it. When done, compile and update the template on Teamcenter. The BenutzerItem will be available in the new item creation menu on Teamcenter Graphical User Interface.


Es ist das gleiche, wenn auf Deutsch  Smiley Happy