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How to duplicate a unique folder structure

Hello forum


I am curious to see if there is any great solutions for how to duplicate a folder in TC and creating a new folder that are unique and not just copying a link.


The picture attached to this discussion illustrates my wish for creating a new folder with the same names, but at the same time not just be a link to the first created folder.


I have read a bit about ITK program, but could this be the - or part of the solution?


This would ease my work to create several folders including a bigger folder structure inside it.


My logic dictates me to believe that if you can imagine it, Teamcenter will be able to do so.  


Re: How to duplicate a unique folder structure

I think this can be done with ITK or even with SOA API.

Re: How to duplicate a unique folder structure

You can do this in the Rich Client. File > New > Folder will give you a unique folder and it can be the same name as others in your environment. Copy/Paste will yield a link to an existing folder. So as long as you use New then you will get a unique folder. If you want to build a lot of folders "in mass" then use the MSA tools downloadable from GTAC (tc_extract_msa -report_type=folder) but the folder name has to be unique with this toolset.

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