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How to manage One drawing to many Item relationship

Some background: TC 9.2.3/ SWIM 10.1

For CAD driven items, Teamcenter is managing the relationship/ dependency between the Master Model and related configurations via CAD Master model dependency:


Relationship is clear via Solidworks master model dependency, and the relationship is clearly maintained by the CAD interface and TC - trying to revise one of the many configurations would always result in the Maste being called up and need to be revised.


My question is how can I accomplish the same function for non-CAD items? 


Example use case is a group of turn-key manufactured items, with one single document/ specification dataset describe the whole group of configurations. Differences between each configuration/ is indicated within this one document.



Item ID


Master Drawing Number






Configuration 1



Configuration 2



Configuration 3



Configuration 4




A few additional note:

  • H12345600 itself is may or may not be a manufacturable item
  • As part of the requirement – the revision of all 4 configs and the master document must be kept synchronized
    • In other words, if we rev one configuration, all configuration and master document must be revised at the same time

 I understand that this relationship requirement can be managed manually by our business process; in other words, manage it all manaully. I hope, however, there are some best practice way to utilize functions in TC that would make our life easier; best is of course, that if TC have some kind of built in support for such use.


Any ideas?