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How to set property value on a released Item in workflow (but not in the target)?



In a workflow, I have written a custom action handler.

The handler checks certain properties on the target object (Custom Item Revision - CIR1).

If satisfied, it queries a Custom Item Revision - CIR2 of another type (with inputs from some property values of CIR1).

Here, I need to modify a property on CIR2.


If it is not released, I am able to modify.

But if it is released, it gives error : 515001: The access is denied.


What is the correct way to achieve this?

Shall I add CIR2 to target, modify the property and remove it from target? (and adding an ACL for CIR2 type in workflow steps).

Or can I make bypass in the code? 

I tried POM_set_env_info(POM_bypass_access_check, true, 0, 0, NULLTAG, NULL), but it did not work.


Please guide.