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How to unloade the parts on the AGV (Transporter) to the specified buffer?

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

 How to unloade the parts(including type, number) on the AGV (Transporter) to the specified  buffer?


Hello everyone!

I'm a newer for Plant Simulation ,I created a model added to attachment,it loaded different parts(Red and Blue) to AGV.when the AGV arrived a certain place,it unloaded the assigned  parts to specifed buffers.Now I have a problem : I program  an unloade command with a method ,it  should unload two "Entity2"(blue)  to buffer2 from AGV,then the AGV went on ,but it cannt work.

Also ,it had the similar problem  at buffer4 ,how do I  modify  the "unload"  method?

Looking forward to your help,thank you!